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Friday, March 24, 2006

"Indians are, beyond question, the best company in the world." - John Keay

John Keay is a British Historian and is the author of The Spice Route. I recently read his interview and am incuding a a few lines here...

The people of India is why I first loved, and still love, the country. I was not born there, but Julia and I were married there and we would quite like to die there. You/they are, beyond question, the best company in the world. Occasionally infuriating but always friendly, deeply sympathetic, entertaining, immensely hospitable, highly stimulating and ever surprising. I could go on. You make all things possible. You restore one’s faith in humanity. I have researched, travelled and written elsewhere – notably on West Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia and now China. The fact that I keep returning to India speaks for itself.

Read the full interview HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent read. Will try to get hold of that book.

10:55 pm

Anonymous patherpanchali said...

Well said!!!

8:11 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares what this white man has to say about indians, most of them think indians are stinky darkies who worship a stone penis and elephant headed gods.

but again, indians loved to be loved even if its by their former master.

6:38 pm


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