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Friday, July 15, 2005

The weekends ALMOST here...

Being a hardcore movie nut I am.....I was unable to resist the opening show of Frank Miller's 'Sin City' (Even though it was Thursday). Based on his own graphic novel with the same name, the movie is a visual feast. Directed by one of my favourites - Robert 'El Mariachi' Rodriguez, the film is made to look like a graphic comic (more popularily known as 'Film Noir' style).

It is a visually dazzling film with violence in abundance (females stay out!!). I simply loved it but the wife kinda had an expression "what the...???!!"

It been a good few weeks for me. I saw - The War of the Worlds (Good), Fantastic Four (Good), Batman Begins (Excellent), Star Wars 3 (OK), Paheli (OK) and Parineeta (Excellent).

Did I say I was a movie nut..??


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